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Since 1979, through CSF Industries, Intrans Logistics has been a leader in the construction and transport industry.

Your specialist commercial & construction transport service provider.


Based in Cairns and Townsville we work with Clients throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory.


Our promise as a contractor is to build community value into every project while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customers service and quality construction.


Intrans has a reputation for delivering quality and service which has resulted in a high level of repeat, loyal clients. Which is proven by our long standing transport contracts with Tier 1 businesses such as Bluescope Lysaght and Orrcon Steel.


A division of CSF Industries, Intrans has a breadth of experience that is second to none.


Intrans Logistics is a signatory of The Australian Steel Industry Safety Code of Practice (ASI-LSC). As a signatory Intrans agrees to comply with the requirements of ASI-LSC.

The Australian Steel Industry Safety Code of Practice (ASI-LSC) is designed to ensure that all participants are aware of their responsibilities in the supply chain when they control or influence the safe and legal carriage of freight.

The Australian Steel Industry Safety Code is aligned to the National Logistics Safety Code (NLSC). It is a requirement of The Australian Steel Industry Safety Code that steel participants and Transport Providers abide by the National Logistics Safety Code.

It is a requirement of Intrans Logistics that all of its Operators and personnel are familiar with the guidelines as outlined by The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and trained in Advanced Load Restraint guidelines.


Intrans Logistics, a division of CSF Industries, is a family owned and operated transport logistic company based in Far North Queensland. We transport all types of commercial cargo, specialising in moving difficult loads, items that are oversized in length, width or height and have specific transport requirements.

CSF Industries has been involved in the construction and transport logistics industry since 1979. CSF Industries started out as a steel fabrication company (Cairns Steel Fabricators) who owned a few trucks and transported all of their own fabricated structural steel.

Through our busy Steel Fabrication operations, we were acutely aware of the complexity involved in transporting fabricated steel and realised that this knowledge and experience could be used to assist other organisations. From this realisation, Intrans Logistics Pty Ltd was established with the ambition of providing the highest quality transport services across North Queensland.

In a short time, Intrans Logistics has grown to be the North Queensland transport company of choice for branches of Bluescope Distribution, Lysaght, Orrcon and several other North Queensland organisations. Service is paramount to our success and Intrans is staffed with professional drivers, sales, administration, and operational personnel who are focused solely on meeting our client’s requirements.

Intrans Logistics specialises in commercial and construction transportation throughout the Far North region. Our extensive fleet, including prime movers, body trucks and trailers has been purpose built to deliver a wide range of oversize and specialised cargo.

Intrans Logistics is a signatory of The Australian Steel Industry Safety Code of Practice (ASI-LSC). As a signatory Intrans agrees to comply with the requirements of ASI-LSC.

There’s nothing we love more than a challenge and we specialise in moving difficult loads, items that are oversized in length, width or height and have specific transport requirements.

About Intrans Logistics


Packaging & Warehousing


Intrans has the capacity and scale to receive, package and store goods for future delivery. Our facilities are equipped for small and large inventories. We’ve adopted industry leading technologies to track and catalogue from the point of receipt to delivery. We cater for priority and expedited shipments with a rapid turnaround – packaging and shipping in a timely manner throughout Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

Tailored Freight Solutions


Intrans Logistics is a specialist in moving commercial and construction cargo. We pride ourselves on successfully completing difficult projects. With our large fleet, Intrans has dedicated trucks for dedicated loads. Whether it is loads that are excess width, length or height we will organise all of the required permits and provide the most efficient and cost effective solution for your transport requirements.

Equipment Hire


Intrans offers an extensive range of equipment. Intrans has trucks, prime movers, cranes, extendable trailers and forklift hire available.



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